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Help us preserve the Serengeti, a precious heritage to humanity.

The Serengeti is a magical place. One of the last pristine landscapes on our planet, where African wildlife roams free and where nature alone rules. It is a unique ecosystem supporting magnificent species and providing ecosystem services and resources to thousands of people. Climate change, growing human pressure, poaching, livestock and agriculture pose an increasing threat to this vast wilderness. But there is hope. For more than 60 years, dedicated conservationists from Tanzania and abroad have worked hard to protect the Serengeti. And you can help too. Explore the ongoing conservation efforts below and discover how to preserve this precious ecosystem for the future.



“In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.”  Baba Dioum

To acquire more knowledge about the Serengeti, we recommend you read Tony Sinclair’s latest book ‘’A place like no other’’. Additionally, if you speak German, we welcome you to read the HABARI Magazine from The Friends of the Serengeti Switzerland (FSS), an association founded in 1984 to preserve and research biodiversity as well as protect the threatened fauna of Africa and specifically the Serengeti.



Understanding the intricacies and dynamics of natural spaces like the Serengeti is key to saving and protecting what remains. To amplify the awareness and need for conservation of the Serengeti, we have partnered with the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

Frankfurt Zoological Society has worked in the Serengeti for decades in partnership with Tanzania National Parks. Their work includes ecosystem management, de-snaring, rhino conservation and aerial monitoring, and has been critical to the protection of the park. You can learn more about FZS and support their efforts at the link below.



Wayo Africa has been a critical partner in the production of the film as our filmmakers used their green camps to get close to wildlife. Wayo Africa understands the intricacies of the ecosystem and takes you to the core of the Serengeti ecosystem with knowledge and respect to all living things, so everyone can experience the magic without interfering with the environment and its dynamics. Together, we welcome you to travel to Tanzania to witness and experience the Serengeti (Know that the park fees contribute to the protection of the park).



How Many Elephants is an international NGO, founded by adventurer Holly Budge. Their global exhibition showcases 35k elephant silhouettes to show the annual poaching rate in Africa. Few people know that 96 elephants are poached in Africa every day for their ivory. How Many Elephants also support female and mixed ranger teams in Africa so they can continue their vital work protecting wildlife. Learn how you can get involved with the campaign and make a difference.


Become a citizen scientist

With the Lion Center’s citizen science project Snapshot Safari, you can experience your own online safari and help identify wildlife in pictures from the 225 camera traps deployed in the Serengeti.

The Lion Center has been researching lions, conserving African wildlife and protecting vulnerable human communities for decades. Ready to join in to protect lions, elephants, cheetahs, and all the beautiful wildlife of Africa?

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